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Inspired by Barnett Newman's Broken Obelisk (dedicated to MLK after his death), a floating sculpture on the reflecting pool in front of the Rothko Chapel. Like the Broken Obelisk, this timeless cuff aims to become a message of transcendence, to look beyond style.

3D-printed polished brass frozen statement cuff (85mm x 60mm x 8mm - 15mm thick). 

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*Brass Disclaimer: Some people have strong reactions to brass, while others have no reaction at all; everyone's skin is different. If you are susceptible to these reactions, we suggest purchasing sterling silver or 14K Gold jewelry. Explore our FAQs page for more information about our metal options as well as 3D-printing and Swarovski crystals.

Each piece is made to order. You can expect to receive your piece in 4 weeks. Thank you for supporting our mission to reduce the waste and carbon footprint that results from traditional fashion manufacturing methods. 

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