Design enhances humanity.
— Ilse Crawford


JESSIE DUGAN is a fashion accessories and lifestyle brand that promotes sustainability and well-being as the new type of casual luxury. 

We design and develop meaningful products using reliable and locally sourced manufacturing by distancing away from practices not in line with the ethics of our brand. The end result is a highly-curated product line unbound by seasons, yielding intention behind every purchase. We’re changing the face of what it means to own a purposeful product that enhances humanity. 


WELL BEING. We care about our balance - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

SUSTAINABILITY. We care about creating with intention. We withhold from hasty overdevelopment, unreliable and often dangerous outsourced manufacturing.

LOCAL. We care about our hometown. Houston is a major inspiration for us and we aim to be aware of where we come from in everything we design. 

FORWARD-THINKING. We care about the future. Use of new technologies like 3D-printing to create designs that are innovative and sustainable.