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Happy Birthday Scorpios! 

As a scorpio myself, I love this season. Not only it is my birthday this month, but it kicks off the holidays! ❄️ 🎄 🎁

As a kid, I read so many fashion magazines: Teen Vogue then Vogue (and now Teen Vogue again because their journalism is ON POINT), Glamour, InStyle, People, etc. Reading all these magazines is one of the reasons I wanted to become a fashion designer. The styling, the shoots, the dresses, it all made sense to me. Even as a young girl, I thought to myself as a scoured the pages, "I could do that". I didn't really know what "that" was, but I was going to find out. Check out Teen Vogue here.

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The other thing I loved about these magazines is reading my horoscope. I find horoscopes fascinating, in both their history and their controversy. I think because I've been reading my horoscope in fashion magazines since I was little, I see the zodiacs and fashion as interconnected: both are based on feeling and intuition, and provide something to look forward to in the next season. That's why I decided to create zodiac charms as my first online collection. Shop here. 


My favorite horoscope to read right now is Horoscopes by Broadly. provided by Vice. I feel like it's been pretty spot on the last few months. It's also very thorough which makes it a fun read. Check it out here. 

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Where do you get your favorite horoscope reading? Comment below! 

RENZO RING: Design Inspiration

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Art has always been really important to me. My mom is an artist - she taught me how to draw and paint from a very early age. She was always taking my family to art museums, especially the Menil Collection. Whenever I’m looking for creative inspiration, I go to the Menil. I’m lucky enough to live just a few blocks away and I take my dog Rosie on a walk there nearly every day. On one of these walks, I took a special notice to the roof structure of the Menil Collection designed by Renzo Piano. I went home and researched Renzo Piano’s early sketches of the Menil. I thought the curved overhang was such a powerful and interesting shape and started sketching myself. The sketches started to morph into a statement ring. Renzo Piano’s ceiling structure provides shelter and protection for the works of art while letting in a lot of natural light. When I wear the Renzo ring, I’m drawn to the purpose of the Menil’s roof: to protect but also to honor the light. Shop the Renzo Ring by going here: SHOP > COLLECTIONS > EARTH.

FASHION X HOUSTON: Saturday October 7, 2017

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Earlier this month, Fashion X Houston put on a series of runway shows at the River Oaks District. My mentor and friend David Peck showed his newest Miles David collection on the last night of the event. He paired JESSIE DUGAN accessories with his awesome American couture designs. It was a beautiful collection and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it. I’m always inspired by David’s ability to maintain an integrity to his clothing: his designs are consistently elevated and sophisticated yet there is a freshness to each new collection.

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for runway shows. In NYC, I worked as a runway accessories designer for Tory Burch. Getting ready New York Fashion Week every season was always the most exciting and chaotic part of that job. When I moved back to Houston, I met with David Peck, who has been designing in Houston for 10 years now. He asked if I would design some accessories that would pair well with his amazing couture dresses that he could use in his runway shows as well as sell in his atelier. Designing and making couture accessories for David became the first part of what is now the JESSIE DUGAN brand. Now my line includes more simple, everyday pieces that are sold online but I still have a flair for the dramatic and like create one-of-a-kind pieces that walk the runway. I’ve started to sell these limited edition pieces on my website. Check out these runway pieces under the SHOP > COLLECTIONS > LIMITED EDITION.

Check out pics of Miles David & JESSIE DUGAN’s previous collaborations under the COLLABS tab. 

ZODIAC CHARMS: Design Inspiration

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One of the reasons this blog is called SKETCHBOOK is because I have a sketchbook with me at all times. My sketchbook is where a brainstorm new ideas, sketch out designs, doodle when I’m bored, write to-do lists, take notes from meetings, etc. I fill up one every few months - I keep all the old ones on my desk in a pile. Each sketchbook is a disorganized mess that somehow makes me feel more organized. 

The zodiac charms started as just doodles in my sketchbook. In the summer,  I started to experiment with a Pentel pocket ink brush pen. Putting it to paper is like a paintbrush soaked with ink which creates a freedom in your line work while still maintaining a controlled feeling like a calligraphy pen. I knew I wanted to create zodiac charms but I didn’t want them to look so rigid. Personally, I’m always more attracted to charms where you can see the hand in the design. So, I started sketching the zodiac symbols with the Pentel brush pen. After lots of rounds of sketching each zodiac sign and wanting to keep the painterly look to actual charms, I thought, “Why not just turn these 2D sketches into 3D shapes that can be 3D-printed?” And that’s how the zodiac charms were born! 

I hope when you wear your zodiac charm necklace you feel like your wearing your own personal piece of art! I sketched it just for you!