RENZO RING: Design Inspiration

Art has always been really important to me. My mom is an artist - she taught me how to draw and paint from a very early age. She was always taking my family to art museums, especially the Menil Collection. Whenever I’m looking for creative inspiration, I go to the Menil. I’m lucky enough to live just a few blocks away and I take my dog Rosie on a walk there nearly every day. On one of these walks, I took a special notice to the roof structure of the Menil Collection designed by Renzo Piano. I went home and researched Renzo Piano’s early sketches of the Menil. I thought the curved overhang was such a powerful and interesting shape and started sketching myself. The sketches started to morph into a statement ring. Renzo Piano’s ceiling structure provides shelter and protection for the works of art while letting in a lot of natural light. When I wear the Renzo ring, I’m drawn to the purpose of the Menil’s roof: to protect but also to honor the light. Shop the Renzo Ring by going here: SHOP > COLLECTIONS > EARTH.