ZODIAC CHARMS: Design Inspiration

One of the reasons this blog is called SKETCHBOOK is because I have a sketchbook with me at all times. My sketchbook is where a brainstorm new ideas, sketch out designs, doodle when I’m bored, write to-do lists, take notes from meetings, etc. I fill up one every few months - I keep all the old ones on my desk in a pile. Each sketchbook is a disorganized mess that somehow makes me feel more organized. 

The zodiac charms started as just doodles in my sketchbook. In the summer,  I started to experiment with a Pentel pocket ink brush pen. Putting it to paper is like a paintbrush soaked with ink which creates a freedom in your line work while still maintaining a controlled feeling like a calligraphy pen. I knew I wanted to create zodiac charms but I didn’t want them to look so rigid. Personally, I’m always more attracted to charms where you can see the hand in the design. So, I started sketching the zodiac symbols with the Pentel brush pen. After lots of rounds of sketching each zodiac sign and wanting to keep the painterly look to actual charms, I thought, “Why not just turn these 2D sketches into 3D shapes that can be 3D-printed?” And that’s how the zodiac charms were born! 

I hope when you wear your zodiac charm necklace you feel like your wearing your own personal piece of art! I sketched it just for you!