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From the initial design to the final product, we are proud to say that we are made in the USA. All of our 3D-printed components and items are produced in New York City and all of our handmade items are crafted in Houston, Texas.

3D-printing is a manufacturing process where an object is created by adding material layer by layer. For many products, 3D-printing is more cost-effective and sustainable than older, outmoded methods.

While some of our items are entirely created with 3D-printing, all of our pieces utilize some 3D-printed components. We do this because we believe that 3D-printing is a modern and morally responsible production method. Watch this video from Mashable to learn more. 

As part of our mission to reduce the waste and carbon footprint that results from traditional fashion manufacturing methods, we utilize 3D-printing and the made-to-order model. While that means you’re helping change the way that modern fashion works in supporting us to design and develop sustainable and meaningful products, it also means that you have to wait a little longer for your purchase. Generally, you can expect to receive your pieces via USPS Priority Mail in 4 weeks (custom orders and 14k gold styles can take up to 6 weeks) after you place your order. We promise they’re worth the wait! 

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and is yellow in color (also, nickel free!). We use hand polished brass which has a smooth, shiny finish. It is traditionally used in vintage costume jewelry because it resembles gold but is more affordable and durable. 

*Brass Disclaimer: Brass will oxidize when exposed to moisture (i.e. your sweaty finger turning green while wearing a brass ring). Some people have strong reactions to this process (itchy and redness), while others have no reaction at all (green color easily washes off when hands are washed); everyone's skin is different. If you are susceptible to these reactions, we suggest purchasing sterling silver or 14K Gold jewelry. For an extra fee, we can apply an e-coat to your brass jewelry to help avoid this reaction. Please email us at to inquire about e-coat on brass.

Care instructions: Brass oxidizes (turns greenish black) over time but can be cleaned/polished with a microfiber cloth and with simple cleaning products around the house. Brass also can be professionally cleaned/polished by your local jeweler for a small fee.

Green Clean Brass Jewelry with Jessie Dugan, YouTube

Gold-plated jewelry is made by electroplating a thin layer of gold on top of a less expensive metal. This metal often contains nickel (to which many people have an allergy). Currently, we don't find the industry practices sustainable for gold-plated jewelry. As an alternative we prefer jewelry and charms in brass (read above) and chains in gold-filled (read below).

We like to add our brass and 14K gold charms to our gold-filled chains to complete the customized look. Gold-filled has the look of gold but is is known for its durability and can be worn by most people without reactions or difficulties (unlike gold-plated chains). 

Care instructions: Gold-filled chains can get dirty with continued wear. Gold-filled responds well to polishing with microfiber cloth. 

Premium Sterling Silver is a precious metal and is white/gray in color. We use premium silver which is highly hand polished to a ‘wet’ sheen. Silver is a great option for clients with nickel allergies/sensitivities. 

Care instructions: Silver oxidizes (turns black) over time, but can be cleaned/polished with a microfiber cloth (make sure its microfiber to avoid scratching metal).

Green Clean Silver Jewelry with Jessie Dugan, YouTube

14K Gold is a precious metal that can last forever with proper care. 

Care instructions: Unlike brass and sterling silver jewelry, gold jewelry will not oxidize but it will get dirty with continued wear. Gold is a very soft metal that scratches more easily than brass and sterling silver. Gold responds well to polishing with microfiber cloth. For best cleaning results, take your gold jewelry to your local jeweler every six months to be professionally cleaned and polished.

Yes, we are always happy to discuss custom orders and pricing. Contact us here.

Use our ring sizing chart as a guide. 

Swarovski shares our ethics and values when it comes to responsible manufacturing and giving back to the community. This is why we chose to incorporate their crystal collections into some of our pieces (i.e. the Swarovski birthstone collection in our star charm featuring your birthstone). Learn more about Swarovski here

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